Upcoming Biggest AnimayKon Event in Islamabad

Upcoming Biggest AnimayKon Event in Islamabad

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Glimpse of Upcoming AnimayKon Event

Get ready! Anime Geeks and Otakus,
Animaykon is about to arrange another Exciting and yet Biggest event of Anime
Cosplay happened so far. In your beloved city Islamabad. Location allocated is White
House Marquee, River Garden. Where you will get to experience so many exciting
activities such as show casing your love and passion for your favorite Anime. Either
you step in to showcase your creativity over the Ramp walk or you want to
engage your audience with your thrilling performance. If you wish to make audiences
go in WOAH than Artist can also demonstrate their creativity via Art
Competition where challenge will be to draw right on spot. If you crave for
thrilling Adventure you can sign up for Quest Hunting and get the chance to win
exciting prizes.

What is Cosplay?

Anime Cosplay is another heart
touching subject for Otakus, where they get to witness their Fantasy character
into Life being, So they try to embody exact the same as their characters are
behind the screen. This isn’t just a Cosplay but fans take this cosplay to
another level of madness, flaunting their character into a wholesome
Personality that will give you goosebumps.

Our participants take months in
designing their costumes and blaze the environment of these events. Either it
is of Showcasing their Extraordinary Outfit or by Presenting Spectacle
performances like short Skits or by Cat walking on Ramp with the typical poses
of their respective character.

Efforts made by Anime Fans 

What exactly do anime fans think of? They want to make this
Subject as a matter of concern to our community. As they speak of the Moral
they get to learn from these cartoons are sensational to the extent that age
group doesn’t matter in the world of Otakus everyone counts as the same but
with different traits in personalities.

“The future
belongs to those who believe in their Dreams” ~ Shoyo Hinata (haikyu)

Our Youth has always been taking steps to change our
Cultural norms by organizing such fabulous events that brings young people of
same interest come together. In recent years these youth have become more
passionate about their interest in catching Global attention to our
Entertainment Hub. Where they tend to promote Positive and healthy side of our
Country. These Events tends to embark Confidence of our Youth and to break the
barriers of typical cultural barriers. And another point of acceptance by the
society as mostly brown people degrade anime promotion.

“Dreams start by

~ Haruhi Suzumiya
(The Maloncholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

Watching Anime is like sweat dreams of our childhood, as we
have stepped into world of Adult we got to realize the impact of those
nostalgic cartoon. Where fans of Anime wish to clear those misconception
amongst our social groups.

Anime is considered to be underrated in Pakistan But it was
proven wrong after the responses we got from public presence in such events.
The first event of AnimayKon was held in February 2023 which was made
Successful by our Beloved participants enthusiasm and effort. Which is why AnimayKon
have decided to arrange another event named as “AnimayKon Genesis” Cosplay
event same year. AnimayKon is getting ready to surprise their visitors and
participants for that stay toon till 14th October.


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Upcoming Biggest AnimayKon Event in Islamabad

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