International Translation Day

International Translation Day

International Translation Day

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Translation Day 

What is Language?

“A country without a language is a country without a Soul.” 

Language is a structured system form of communication. It acts as a cue that helps people convey their feelings and ideas. Language is a bridge that builds connections among humans. There are some countries with one official language or have multiple languages spoken countrywide. Now this connection is not limited to one ethnic group or culture. There are 1,000 languages spoken around the globe. Language can be associated with verbal, writing or may include sign language. But for sign language things change. Because all over the world sign language is the same. 

Hindrance for Languages

There are some points when we have to expand our circle of comfort. We have to build a connection. Either from people in far lands or far seas. If they have different languages, this will become a barrier. The barrier of understanding each other's languages. For that sake, there is the utmost need for a translator. 

Who are translators?

The person who has skill in learning language. They have a grip on that language grammar and ethics. That person is not limited to only fathoming Languages but also has a deep understanding of their culture, norms, and values. They have a keen observation of the diversity, of that ethnic group. They tend to keep up with each culture at a time. They have the ability to keep up with their system.

Why do we celebrate Translation Day?

International Translation Day is celebrated on the 30th of September. The reason is for the recognition of Translators from all over the world. these efforts are made to promote and value this translator job. Which is extremely important nowadays. We tend to build diplomatic relations with our neighboring countries. In this crucial time, there is a significant need for translators. Which is why we value this job at an international level. 

Language is your Identity.

Language is a form of distinction that signifies one's country identity. For generations, there has been a process to take over other nations. That method of demolishing a country's integrity is done with language dispiriting. Empires that took over the nation used the same formula. And gradually exacerbated the importance of their language. The same happened with the subcontinent, and the after-effect is carried on till today.

Which is why we should value our language and culture.

“First, the language dies, then the culture”   

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