Newspaper Reading Day

Newspaper Reading Day

Newspaper Reading Day

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Newspaper Reading Day 2023 

What is newspaper reading day about  

Newspaper Reading Day is celebrated on 25th September, which is a promotion day to emphasize the importance of Newspaper reading. It is denoted that in the past decade, this was a prominent culture where our Elders would fixate their time for reading. They had this craving for knowledge, because of which they would appoint a paper boy who would deliver it daily in the early morning. They would spend hours reading newspapers and then in the meantime share that abundance of knowledge with their children.   

How does it help you be creative?  

“Any book that helps a child to form a habit of reading to make reading one of his deep and continuing needs, is good for him.”  

Making a habit of reading is necessary for a healthy mind, this is not only an exercise for your mind but also a gateway to your intense imagination. By reading one enters a void of fascination that only you privately can enjoy. It also helps you have wide exposure to creativity and is a key to expanding your vocabulary. By reading we can clear misconceptions and become sources of guidance, helping in shaping a personality to stand for the betterment of society.   

Build a Habit of Newspaper Reading  

Apart from inventive, reading is a habit that is obligatory for a healthy mind. Regardless of which medium you choose to opt for creating this habit. The best choice so far for beginners is reading Newspapers. It provides you with a wide range of subjects, composed of authenticity with updated knowledge. Which can help you any way you want either for entertainment purposes or for getting updates on current issues ongoing National or International level. Information and Age limits do not comply with this medium. Adapting knowledge is mandatory for all readers. In this medium special care is taken of vocabulary which is made equal to the intellect that matches all age groups. Making it easier to grasp and understand.  

Newspaper has it all whatever you dire for  

It is a serial publication containing several sections of articles ranging from news to entertainment. You may find a variety of your desires in the form of blogs. Newspapers have an advantage over any other publication of media form. Just because it is updated, up to mark, and legitimate, as they are published every day or weekly updated. Most of all every article is authentic, before publication they are configured through a process and then presented to readers. The percentage of fake news is lower.   

Pakistan has quite a stance on this subject matter  

“Newspaper is the World Mirror”  

Pakistan has been experiencing a lack of devotion to its culture. This is why our government takes these subjects into consideration and discusses them on a national forum. Pakistan also started to emphasize building the habit of Newspaper reading. Our President shared his views:  

“We must preserve this important source of information that keeps us informed about the important events and developments taking place across the globe,” Mr. Alvi stated.  

 And he said further to discourage the menace of spreading fake news. The Caretaker Prime Minister stated that the significance of newspapers has always been the same even though electronic media is advancing day by day.   

Why do we need Newspaper reading?  

It has been part of our Culture, where our Elders used to invest in reading Newspapers, and they would encourage their children to make it a habit. But now in recent years, we are highly indulged in social media outlets. And promote whatever is shared on it without any authenticity. Spreading fake news is becoming the norm, and yet we are exposed to face scams. That is why getting it from a Newspaper is far safer than gathering information from a digital platform. Digital Media may be advanced and quick at some point, but it lags in reliability. So, it is a reliable choice to read that info from an authentic source that is available with optimal quality in the Newspaper.