Animal Welfare Day 2023

Animal Welfare Day 2023

Animal Welfare Day 2023

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Animal Welfare Day 

 Animal Rights

Every species on this land has a right to protection against violence and trafficking. It does not matter whether they are humans or animals. Animal Welfare Day is celebrated to highlight the issue of barbarity against animals. Especially the treatment that is received by animals in southern Asian countries. There are endless cases that revolve around social media, where street animals suffer inhuman behavior.  

Protection of Animal

Not only stray but also those animals that get to face the traumatizing attitude of circus crew. For the sake of Entertainment, we have violated the respect of animals. This movement focuses on the rights of those animals who are caged and tortured. Their owners have the greed of earning. According to a local survey, there are 86 billion animals inhabited land whereas 56 billion are trapped. 

Animal Welfare Movement

World Animal Welfare Day was first celebrated on March 24, 1925, in Germany, and was officially established on October 4, 1925. Sir Heinrich Zimmermann was the one who organized this movement on this very day, at Sports Palace Berlin where 5000 people attended.

What is this movement about?

This movement aims to gather the attention of advocates from all over the world, to spread awareness of this as a part of social issues. By category, we not only target pet animals but wild animals as well. Hunting these wild animals has led them to extinct species such as Tasmanian tigers, Passenger pigeons, Great Auk, etc. Now because of this illegal activity, some more precious lives are in endanger. There is an endless list on the top of the list Rhinos, Elephants, Amur leopards, etc. All these points are to justify that their coexistence is essential for this world. So, we must join hands together for the protection of this heritage.  

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