World Cities Day, Awarness on Urbanization

World Cities Day, Awarness on Urbanization

World Cities Day, Awarness on Urbanization

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What is World Cities Day  

World Cities Day is celebrated on 31st Oct every year. Raising awareness of the increasing growth of the population. The current population of the world is 8.1 billion. Which is expected to be doubled in coming years. Or else it will become a burden on the wealth of the World.  

Why there is a need for awareness 

When the annual GDP plan is settled, it is subdivided into areas. Further areas are categorized into Urban and Rural. Overall substitution is set equally. But due to some conditions, allotment is imbalanced. Besides, Industrial areas get more ratio out of it. Whereas rural areas get deprived. Due to this imbalance allocation, the population faces difficulty in access to services.   

Urbanization is a Global issue  

Urbanization refers to the swiftly escalating population. The population of the world is dominating over the limited resources. Which is a matter of concern for both Developed and Underdeveloped countries. But for the underdeveloped countries, it is a grave issue. Although they are, the ones that face issues with funds. Whereas underdeveloped countries already face issues of inequality of resources. And yet they have the highest rate of urbanization. Moreover, no measures are taken to take control of it. 

Matter of Concern for Underdeveloped Country 

Consequently, there is no concept of Family planning in these countries. And no such education is provided to them. According to research, in rural areas each family has more than 4 kids. And the income of these families is less than 30,000 per month. Now what becomes the issue? These families move towards Urban cities and the load is diverted to urban areas. Rural areas get neglected and Urban get overburdened. As they have a limited capacity to sustain those allotted resources. Whereas Rural areas do not get a quarter of the wealth. Due to these variances underdeveloped countries do not get the environment to grow. And participate in future growth development.  

Pros and Cons of Urbanization 

There is always an advantage and disadvantage to every aspect. Such as that Urbanization also carries both angles. For Pros; when such migration is observed, opportunities make their way in. Those slots include:

  • Economic growth
  • Job creation
  • a wide range of access to services
  • cultural diversity
  • upgrades in the transportation system.

In short, more efforts are made to ensure sustainability. But at the same time, many issues merge in that community. Those cons are:

  • Overcrowding
  • Traffic congestion
  • degradation of the environment
  • housing shortage
  • health problems
  • and Political
  • and economic instability

Which overall affects the infrastructure of that society.  

How can we overcome this problem? 

For this one must go through research into these issues. Even so, devise a proper layout of the plan to overcome them. For the future to make it possible for communities' growth and betterment. And implement this growth plan in such a way that it can be sustainable for the future. The following are the suggestions to resolve this issue. 

  1. Smart and User-friendly Growth Plan 
  1. Family Planning Strategy 
  1. Unified residential areas 
  1. Encourage Public transport  
  1. Prevent urban spread 
  1. Protect and develop Natural resources 
  1. Focus on Green infrastructure like parks, zoos, etc 
  1. Plan to control greenhouse gas emission 

This is how we may contribute our efforts to nourish the Environment. Which will help it grow faster and compete. 


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