Israel has declared war against Gaza.

Israel has declared war against Gaza.

Israel has declared war against Gaza.

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The latest update on the Israel and Gaza conflict

Current updates  

Do you think your child deserves to sit on the rubble of their home? Watch their loved ones die helplessly in front of them. The same goes for the Palestinian people. They are living on the verge of death. With each passing hour their death toll is rising. Their basic necessities are halted. Their only hope of survival is Human Rights.

The Israel death toll was mentioned to be 1300. Whereas Gaza is estimated to be 1800 and more are expected. As the injured people ratio is rapidly increasing. Currently, there is a continuous retaliator strike from Israel's occupant military. Israel issued an urgent evacuation notice for Gaza citizens, to "move South of Gaza River for protection".  

Gaza shocks Israel

Last week was a boiling point for discussion. It has been usual for Israel to attack Palestine and yet there is no response from the international media.  Except for condemning they do not comply with acting for it. But last week it was a huge surprise when out of the blue, 10 missiles were launched by the city of Gaza. It is reported that the attack was done by a Militant group of Palestine who were residing in Gaza. 

Israel's Response to Gaza  

Israel responded with a comeback by declaring an open-ended WAR against it. It is reported that Israel has started to evacuate their local citizens. And their military has spread across the city for operations. According to some sources of CNN, they secretly have started to act upon, where biological weapons are in practice against civilians of Gaza. Ground incursion is expected from Israeli militants into the region of Gaza, Nonstop bombardment is enactment. 

The world is put into a War zone 

If this war enrages without any prevention, things will get more complex. There is a potential that the World can be dragged into World War. The reason is clear we are divided into sectors, where one block is of Muslims and the other Jews. Jews have majority support from all over the world, most of it is from American celebrities. In the eyes of the Public, the situation is crystal clear. But the higher authorities have cast this topic aside.

America Shadowed Human Rights 

America has idols of peacekeepers; their attitude has always been to maintain the balance of human rights. Though at the stage where it comes to Muslims, America has changed its course of action. They simply deliver their statement of sorrow and then step back. Just like that America has shadowed the past and is more reluctant to work on resolve. 

We will never forget history 

All of this started after World War 2. When Britain and France sent Jews refuge in the area of Palestine. Palestinians accepted them wholeheartedly and gave them space in their homes. Several years later they turned the Palestinians' world upside down. Jews kicked Palestinians out of their homes. They began to take over their lands and opened war against Palestinians.