Mega Earthquake expected to hit Pakistan.

Mega Earthquake expected to hit Pakistan.

Mega Earthquake expected to hit Pakistan.

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Rumors of Earthquake in Pakistan  

Current Update 

The rumor spreads like fire in a forest. Just like that, rumors of the earthquake stormed yesterday over social media. According to the reports of SSCS, it is said:   

“Pakistan is mostly likely to encounter worst earthquake in 48 hours (about 2 days), warns international SSGS”   

Which was delivered to thousands of people on WhatsApp.   

Reports of SSGS  

According to the Reports; predicted that a massive earthquake would rock Pakistan between these 3 days (1st OCT to 3rd OCT). Whose time is not specified. Dutch Scientist and researcher Frank Hooger Beets of Solar System Geometry issued this Survey. Further, He mentioned the reason could be the Chaman fault lines in Baluchistan. Frank Hooger Beets has a past, due to which he has potential in his statement. He predicted the scale of earthquakes in Turkey and Syria. Whatsoever, was unexpectedly proven right. Now he has targeted his scales on Pakistan  

Response from Local Authorities 

Contrary to that, our local experts have denied Hooger Beets's predictions. Which District National Tsunami Center Karachi (DNTCK) Amir Haider Laghari said that the earthquake exactly cannot be predicted. Even their location and time cannot be defined. Furthermore, he added:  

“Neither the USGS nor any other scientists have ever predicted a major earthquake. We do not know how, and we do not expect to know how any time in the foreseeable future”.  

Can we predict an earthquake? 

Weather updates in Pakistan also denied it. Calling it false assumptions made to manipulate the minds of the public. There is no such device designed so far to predict the possibility of earthquakes. Neither time of occurrence nor their exact location. Even in accordance with Islam, only Allah knows the fate of all kinds. Therefore, only Allah knows what can happen in the future. So, without any evidence, we cannot believe rumors. Whereas we should verify its authenticity. 

Either believe it or not but it is not True. Once in a blue moon if one prediction hits on target, does not mean that every false prophecy can be justified.   

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