National Cancer Awareness

National Cancer Awareness

National Cancer Awareness

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National Cancer Awareness Day 

Cancer is a Battle; we all can fight. Cancer is one of the deadliest and most desperate viruses on the planet. Which attacks without discrimination of gender or age. If we don’t take safety measures, there is a chance it may attack. This is such a virus that assaults without warning. Which is why we need to stay alert in any case. In-depth knowledge related to Cancer is necessary. That is why a Cancer awareness program is campaigned throughout the year. 

What is Cancer 

Usually, when we hear the word Cancer, the first thing that pops up in our mind is Virus. Or debates are stroked whether it is a Virus or a Bacteria. Whereas it is uncontrollable cells that overgrow with time. In the beginning, it is a normal cell, but due to an infectious process. It is a cycle that leads to infection or disease. Sometimes when that infection is cured, some of the residual hides in a dark spot. Over time it may get activated and start to grow. It infiltrates, multiplies, and damages the normal tissues of the body. 

What are Symptoms of Cancer 

Cancer is a very sensitive topic. Carrying very thin lines of identification. It might be difficult to stand against it but not impossible. For that, we need to keenly observe the activities of our body. Each precaution should be catered for with care. Symptoms vary on the body, which part of the body is affected. The following may include symptoms of cancer.   

  1. Lump under the skin 
  2. Unintended loss or gain in weight  
  3. Sores not healing  
  4. Changes of soar color to darkening or yellowing 
  5. Changes in bladder habits  
  6. Difficulty in Swallowing  
  7. Persistent pain in joints, fevers, night sweat  
  8. Unexplained bleeding or bruises 
  9. Hoarseness 

If one is experiencing such odd events, then there is a need for consultation. This is the moment when the urgent need of a doctor is required.  

Causes of Cancer  

Cancer slowly takes its pace to destroy tissues. Which is why we should be active in such experiences. According to Biological terms, these cells contain DNA. This DNA carries information regarding what to do. If that information is disrupted, it starts to act odd behavior. Those odd settings can cause them to grow and damage cells around them. These collisions cause disturbance in the body. And infection spreads across that part of the body. Widening its range. That causes Cancer.  

Types of Cancer 

Some symptoms might be normal for us, but they may become the baseline for Cancer. For that, we need to keep check of the reaction coming from our body. There are several types of Cancer depending on the area of effectiveness. These are some common types of cancer: 

  1. Lung cancer
  2. Liver cancer  
  3. Blood Cancer 
  4. Thyroid Cancer 
  5. Bladder Cancer  
  6. Breast Cancer 
  7. Kidney Cancer 
  8. Pancreatic cancer etc. 

And there is a never-ending list of cancers that are added after every year. The reason is our ignorance. 

November is a cancer month  

Much attention is required about Cancer. As it is one of the second deadliest diseases on the planet. In previous years it was difficult to diagnose. And even doctors were able to dig out its symptoms. It was too late to save the patient from the clutch of death. According to some reports, about 1.7 million are affected by Cancer. Due to late detection, it was hard to save them. But, with the passing years, due to advancements in Biotechnology. Stats of the death toll are decreasing with few ratios. With several Cancer screening tests, early detection is becoming possible. And with the elevation in Tech, tests concerning Cancer are possible now.  

Campaign of Cancer  

Cancer may be scary, but we must fight it. That is why Campaigns, advertisements, and hashtags are used to spread awareness. For that education is also provided in our Schools, Colleges, and Universities. Each month, each colored ribbon is associated specific cancer type. Advertisements are on the run, on our televisions to educate women regards this concerning topic. That’s why every month a specific type of cancer awareness program is channeled across the globe. On social media, we can take part in it. By posting hashtags, that trend over the month.  

The cancer fight is not over yet.  

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