World Polio Day 2023

World Polio Day 2023

World Polio Day 2023

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World Polio Eradication Day  

What is Polio? 

Do we want to paralyze our child with our own hand? No! None of us will want that. Poliomyelitis or Polio is a dangerous virus that is a great threat to your generation. So, we want to draw your attention to this serious issue. The world has been fighting this virus for years. And yet most countries have overcome these crises. Right now it's left in the South Asian region. Poliomyelitis or Polio is a virus that damages the nervous system and causes paralysis. Either half or body paralysis.  

What are the symptoms? 

Each case has its own variation. It depends on the vaccination. Which should be vaccinated at an early age. If the child is vaccinated with polio drops, it is rare they experience poliomyelitis. Or else they get affected by this virus. At an early age, you won't be able to predict it. But their effects will be visible after the age of 5. 

Polio and its types 

Poliomyelitis has 3 types, non-paralytic polio, Paralytic polio, and post-polio syndrome. Both have different tendencies of risk. Non-paralytic, degree of insecurity is less than others. It causes symptoms like the flu such as sore throat, fever, vomiting, weakness fatigue etc. Whereas Paralytic polio causes paralysis, which causes loss of reflexes and loss of limbs. By the time they experience severe pain and anxiety. There is another case of post-polio syndrome, that cannot be predicted at an early age but rather is visible in later time. Symptoms can be extreme fatigue after the tiniest activity. After some time, it might lead to damaging reflexes.  

What are the aftereffects?  

Usually, its symptoms are not clear in the beginning. By the age of 5, its symptoms can be observed. In the early stages, a child may get exhausted by exertion. After some time, their body connection with the brain gets damaged. And their whole body would not be able to take single steps. It can last for years or can become a lifelong trauma. Through medication, it will stabilize but there is no chance of a cure.  

Is there any cure for it? 

If this virus is not dealt with at a young age, there is a potential it won’t be cured in the future. At a young age, if the child does not get vaccinated, they might get exposed to polio. Through medication, it might stabilize but there is no chance of cure. Moreover, no cure at an international level has been discovered yet. The best approach is urgent treatment for early symptoms. Because once this virus spreads through the body, there is no chance of escaping.  

Polio Eradication Day  

This day is celebrated across the globe for awareness against polio vaccination. So, we can secure the future of millions of Children around the globe. Polio has been eradicated almost all over the globe except this region of South Asia. The biggest challenge is the education of Polio. And our lower-status community avoids vaccination due to poverty and lack of education. Through this mission, our Pakistani government has been struggling for years to erase the existence of this virus. For that, we must educate the importance of Polio Vaccination. And try to deliver this message to a wide audience. Drawing their attention to this important topic. 

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