Post Office Day 2023

Post Office Day 2023

Post Office Day 2023

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Post Office Day 

What is Post Office?

The Post Office is a place, where people come to connect with their loved ones. Post office provides a medium of delivering the message. In past there was no mean of digital communication. So, the only way of interface was by sending letter. There is a standard process of sending these letters. First, the letter is transcribed. Then send it to post office. Further it is sent to your desired destination.

Why do we celebrate Post Office Day. 

This day is celebrated to appreciate their kindness for being the most reliable source. Because in past they were the only hope to rely upon. They were the only trusted and genuine assistance. In this modern era, we do not use this service that much. So, we will never be able to understand their importance. This day is to revive and acknowledge their end-to-end services. 

Power of Words

There is a saying that words are more powerful than visuals. One phrase or letter can change whole game. Words can directly trigger our emotions. Word penetrates through the heart and mind leaving behind an impact that can last long. Written words can be remembered more longer than vocals. We use this medium for encryption of our emotions into letters. They can either be Formal or Informal, both ways it has the capability to clear one's mind. Word penetrates through the heart and mind leaving behind an impact that can last long.

Trusted Fairy

Delivering letter were considered one of the toughest jobs. It would require days and night to reach their want destination. For that, there was a need of secure medium for transportation of letter. And we always wish to deliver it in the hands of a trusted fairy. Those trusted fairies carry your typeface to your destined people. Those fairies would walk day and night long. To them customer service matters more than the weather hurdles. We call them our dearest relation without being blood related.  

Poem for Post Office, Delivery men

There is a sweat poem written for specially for the delivery person.

“The sheep are traveling for the grass and traveling very slow. 

They may be at Mandorin now or past the Overflow, 

Or tramping down the black-soil flats across Widowing. 

But all those little country towns would send the letter wrong. 

The mailman, if he’s extra tired, would pass them in his sleep. 

It’s safest to address the note to 'Care of Conroy’s sheep,’ 

For five and twenty thousand head can scarcely go astray, 

You write to 'Care of Conroy’s sheep along the Castlereagh.'” 

~Bango Peterson  

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